PreK - 12 Audience

Educational products to help students access age-appropriate, engaging, and informative resources to enhance their learning experience.

Young Children

Foods and Moves poster

Foods and Moves

These apps support healthy movement and eating. The apps guide children in fun adventures that build strength and physical development and expand their food tasting vocabulary.

Learn more at Foods and Moves.

CONSERVE coloring book banner image

CONSERVE Coloring Book

This printable coloring book was created as part of outreach efforts for the CONSERVE (COordinating Nontraditional Sustainable watER Use in Variable climatEs) project.

Download the CONSERVE Coloring Book.

Innoventure banner image

Innoventure Jr. ™

Children have skills that provide value to others and may lead them to create their own jobs. This series explores exchanging money for products and services, brainstorming with others for ideas, and setting goals for entrepreneurship.

View Innoventure Jr.™.

Image from video Because I Care I Wash My Hands

Because I Care, I Wash My Hands

Ideal for childcare centers, this curriculum has songs, activities, and experiments that explain why and how handwashing keeps everyone healthy. It includes “Because I Care Lullaby,” which has 97 million views on YouTube.

Check out Because I Care, I Wash My Hands.

Middle Grades

Characters from Biotech Lab game

Dr. Eugene's Biotech Lab

In this educational game, middle school students explore the ways gene editing and bioengineering contribute to human health, plant and animal agriculture and environmental protection. Players choose among nine different scenarios with mini-games about gene editing.

Play Dr. Eugene's Biotech Lab.

Theme Park Kitchen banner with characters in the game

Theme Park Kitchen

The game teaches food safety in engaging ways and helps youth internalize safe practices around cooking and food handling. Theme Park Kitchen is great to play in the classroom, at home, or as part of 4-H or Extension programs.

Play Theme Park Kitchen.

Math Snacks banner image

Math Snacks

Math Snacks are short animations and mini-games. Each snack presents mathematical concepts addressed in grades 6, 7, and 8. Ideal for use in a classroom. The accompanying print materials can assist learners in applying their conceptual understanding to math problems.

Learn more at Math Snacks.

Agrinautica banner image


Terraform planets by adding gorgeous plants, animals, fungi and minerals, each representing a unique mathematical expression. This game is designed for 4th and 5th graders learning mathematical expression-building and order of operations, important pre-algebra skills.

Grow your garden in Agrinautica.

Creature Caverns banner image

Creature Caverns

Creature Caverns is designed for middle schoolers learning about plotting ordered pairs on a coordinate plane. Come and explore the fundamentals of graphing on the coordinate plane. There are interesting creatures lurking in the dark!

Create your creature in Creature Caverns.

Curse Reverse banner image

Curse Reverse

Curse Reverse helps pre-algebra learners understand linear expressions and that variables can represent quantities. To "reverse the curse," create paths by manipulating blocks with defined and variable values. 

Return the Treasure in Curse Reverse.

Monster school bus banner image

Monster School Bus

Make sure not to divide up groups: monsters don't like that! Monster School Bus supports students in understanding numbers, ways of representing numbers, relationships among numbers, and number system, visualizing numbers as sets and quantities, and building new mathematical knowledge through problem solving. Part of the Math Snacks suite.

Play Monster School Bus.

Gate banner image


Restore the balance of nature by exploring place value. Gate supports students in lowering intimidation about large numbers and decimals, understanding the meaning of place value, and realizing that the same mathematical concepts that apply to the "easy" integers apply to every order of magnitude. Part of the Math Snacks suite.

Play Gate.

Game Over Gopher banner image

Game Over Gopher

Defend the carrot from gophers using the coordinate grid! This game helps students learn coordinate pairs, navigate the 4 quadrants, discern negative coordinates from positive coordinates, and establish the fundamentals of plotting functions on a grid. 

Play Game Over Gopher.

Ratio Rumble banner image

Ratio Rumble

The battle is on in this game where you build your own potions! Ratio Rumble addresses equivalent ratios and guides students in providing visual representations of ratios and understanding how ratios relate to fractions and decimals. Part of the Math Snacks suite.

Play Ratio Rumble.

Pearl Diver banner image

Pearl Diver

Dive for pearls in a beautiful seascape! Pearl Diver addresses number and operations standards, such as number line sense, whole numbers, decimals, mixed numbers and fractions. Part of the Math Snacks suite.

Play Pearl Diver.

Insect Lab banner image

Virtual Insect Collection Lab

This interactive module helps learners practice pinning, pointing, and spreading insects properly to preserve them for scientific study. Each insect gives a snapshot of its population at the time it was collected. 

Start your Virtual Insect Collection Lab.

Night of the Living Debt banner image

Night of the Living Debt

Survive the zombie outbreak by managing your finances. Do you have what it takes? Use a credit card, get college loans, buy a car, rent a house: It's your decision. Check your credit score, and don’t fall prey to zombies!

Play Night of the Living Debt.

Kid Eats banner image

Kid Eats

Kid Eats provides educational videos, healthy recipes, and a fun virtual kitchen experience on the iPad, suitable for youth in grades 3-6, including videos of each recipe. The iPad app is available free at the iTunes Store.

View at Kid Eats.

Don't be gross banner image

Don't Be Gross

Designed as an in-school project to raise awareness among teens about food safety actions that are unsafe and about steps they can take to prevent illness. 

View animations at Don't Be Gross.

Graphic for Outbreak Squad

Outbreak Squad

Do you have what it takes to lead the squad? Use your team of heroes to research, educate, heal, and protect people. Keep the community from getting sicker!

Play Outbreak Squad.

Stay Safe with Horses banner image

Stay Safe with Horses

This interactive module builds users' understanding of horse behavior to help them learn to handle horses safely and effectively. Topics include approaching a horse in a stall, catching and haltering, leading, and turning out a horse in a group.

Visit Stay Safe Working with Horses.

Treadsylvania banner image


Towns and farms have all fallen victim to the minions of evil. Only one stronghold remains: Tread-Sylvania. Safely ride your ATV through mysterious locations and defeat the horrible monsters to free the town from their evil grasp!

Explore Treadsylvania.

High School

Conserve banner image

Water, Food and Our World

Managing water in sustainable ways helps water quantity and quality. As farmers produce food, scientists work on techniques for water reuse and explore nontraditional irrigation sources.

Learn with Water, Food and Our World.

Water Testing Graphic

Water Testing

Learn how to do laboratory testing for E. coli, an indicator species for fecal contamination. Water for irrigation is commonly tested for E. coli and other pathogens.

Learn with Water Testing.

Image of game Water Sampling

Water Sampling

Water for irrigation comes from many different sources, such as ponds, streams, rivers, canals, or water treatment plants. Farmers and scientists test water samples to ensure the water is safe for use.

Learn with Water Sampling.

Virtual labs banner image

Virtual Labs

Train high school and college students in laboratory skills and concepts relevant to food science, like how to use a microscope, test for aflatoxin, culture bacteria, measure pH, and use lab equipment.

Try the Virtual Labs.