Heat Up Your Life: Seed to Salsa

From Seed to Salsa

The Pope of Peppers, Dave DeWitt, is back on the chile pepper trail! In the second episode of Heat up your Life Dave guides you through the incredible path from chile seed to commercial product. During this hilarious and surprising journey you will:

  • Follow Dave on a relentless quest through Florida to investigate the tales of a shrine to chile peppers.
  • Encounter the pepper-lovin' Parrotheads of the Florida Keys' "Conch Republic."
  • Witness Dave becoming an official member of the Redneck Society at the Ruskin Redneck Trading Co.
  • Take Dave's quick and easy chile gardening lesson, complete with a show-and tell of his own bountiful harvest.
  • Whet your appetite as you see how chiles get processed into tasty, hot products.
  • Visit farms, processing plants, import warehouses, factories, and hot shops - including the home of Tabasco sauce on Avery Island, Louisiana.

All this and more on Episode 2 of Heat Up Your Life! - The Ultimate Chile Pepper Experience.

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