Heat Up Your Life: Peppers and People

Peppers and People

Join world-renowned chile expert Dave DeWitt as he travels the globe to witness the wacky and wonderful relationship between humans and pungent peppers! In the first episode of Heat Up Your Life, Peppers and People, you'll...

  • Witness the madness of crazed Chileheads at the National Fiery Foods Show.
  • Follow chile scientist Paul Bosland as he tracks down a lost wild chile species in the jungles of Guatemala.
  • Take a trip to The Big Easy - New Orleans, the hot sauce capital of the world.
  • Visit with a curandera, or natural healer, who uses chile peppers in mysterious ways.
  • Travel back in time to when Christopher Columbus kicked off the chile revolution. In 100 years from his first encounter, pungent peppers circumnavigated the globe, changing cultures and cuisines forever.
  • See Dr. Frank Etscorn as he cheerfully tortures his students in search of chile peppers releasing morphine-like human endorphins.
  • Watch chile maestro Roberto Estrada as he uses a tow truck press and a crew of 40 to construct a fantastic 10-foot red chile enchilada at the Whole Enchilada Fiesta in New Mexico.

All this and more in the premiere episode of Heat Up Your Life, the ultimate chile pepper experience.

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