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Theme Park Kitchen banner with characters in the game

Theme Park Kitchen

The game teaches food safety in engaging ways and helps youth internalize safe practices around cooking and food handling. Theme Park Kitchen is great to play in the classroom, at home, or as part of 4-H or Extension programs.

Play Theme Park Kitchen.

Foods and Moves poster

Foods and Moves

These apps support healthy movement and eating by guiding children in fun adventures that build strength, physical development and expand their food-tasting vocabulary.

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Learn how your favorite foods fit into a MyPlate guide, learn how to split favorite combination foods into the MyPlate categories, and get help finding easy ways to eat more of what you need.

Plan your plate with MyPlateMyDay.

Night of the Living Debt banner image

Night of the Living Debt

Survive the zombie outbreak by managing your finances. Do you have what it takes? Use a credit card, get college loans, buy a car, rent a house: It's your decision. Check your credit score, and don’t fall prey to zombies!

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Norovirus Capsid

Noroviruses cause 5 million cases of foodborne disease every year in the U.S. NoroCORE is a food safety initiative with the goal of reducing foodborne diseases associated with viruses.

View the videos for NoroCore or visit our website.

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Innoventure Jr. ™

Even young children have skills and abilities that provide value to others and may eventually lead them to create their own jobs. This video series explores exchanging money for products and services, brainstorming with others to get the best ideas out there, and setting goals for entrepreneurship.

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Image from video Because I Care I Wash My Hands

Because I Care, I Wash My Hands

Suited for child care centers, this curriculum is full of songs, activities, and experiments to help young children understand why and how handwashing keeps friends and family healthy. It includes the viral video “Because I Care Lullaby,” which has been viewed 97 million times.

Check out Because I Care, I Wash My Hands.

Don't be Gross banner image

Don't Be Gross

This in-school project raises awareness among teens about food safety actions they take each day that are unsafe and about positive steps they can take to prevent illness. 

View animations at Don't Be Gross.