College Audience

These products were designed for college learners. They may also be suitable for specialized or advanced high school courses.

Virtual Insect Lab banner

Virtual Insect Collection Lab

This interactive module helps learners practice pinning, pointing, and spreading insects properly, to preserve them for scientific study. Collections are important to science, and each insect gives a snapshot of its population at the time it was collected. 

Start your insect collection: Virtual Insect Collection Lab.

Infotoons banner image

Infotoons – Food Safety

Learn the science behind food safety, with real examples, to foster a food safety culture among agricultural producers and processors, especially those selling directly to consumers. In collaboration with Maine Cooperative Extension, its focus is on regional foods from Maine, such as wild blueberries and seaweed.

View the Infotoons – Food Safety videos.

Movement and Storage of Water in Soils banner image

Movement & Storage of Water in Soils

Different soils affect how water moves through them and how plants take water from them. Two graphs explore matrix potential, flow, and pressure of water in soils.

Explore Water in Soils.

Soil Infiltration banner

Soil Infiltration: Soil porosity testing

Contaminants can infiltrate natural soils in complex ways. Learn how scientists use complex and detailed sampling system to test water and soil.

Explore Soil Infiltration: Soil porosity testing.

Water Testing Graphic

Water Testing

Learn how to test for E. coli, an indicator species for fecal contamination. Water for irrigation is commonly tested for E. coli and other pathogens.

Learn with Water Testing.

Image of game Water Sampling

Water Sampling

Water for irrigation comes from ponds, rivers, and canals, or water treatment plants. Farmers and scientists test samples from these sources to ensure they are safe.

Learn with Water Sampling.

Navajo Rangeland banner

Selected Plants of Navajo Rangelands

This web database helps agricultural professionals, ranchers, and others in the Navajo Nation identify typical plants to maximize ecology, productivity, and sustainability.

Visit the Selected Plants of Navajo Rangelands.

Nitrogen and Agriculture Banner

Nitrogen & Agriculture

This interactive educational tool explores the importance of nitrogen for plant, animal and soil health. Build amino acid and fertilizer molecules and calculate molecular weight in relation to nitrogen content.

Try Nitrogen & Agriculture.

Virtual Labs banner image

Virtual Labs

Interactive modules train high school and college students in laboratory skills and concepts relevant to food science, including using a microscope, testing for aflatoxin, culturing bacteria, measuring pH, and using disposable lab equipment.

Try the Virtual Labs.

Sorptions banner image

Sorption Animation

What happens when atoms, ions, or molecules attach to the surface of a substance without entering it? This video discusses how adsorption occurs at the chemical level and the difference between adsorption and absorption.

Watch Sorption in Everyday Life and Sorption: A Close-up View.

Image of game homescreen for Potluck Panic

Potluck Panic

You are tasked with gathering knowledge and ensuring food gets assembled with food safety in mind, from factory to potluck.

Play Potluck Panic!

Understanding Western Soils Banner Image

Understanding Western Soils

This series guides how to sample soil for analysis and includes visualizations on soil properties and water infiltration.

View at Understanding Western Soils.

Nitritious Nitrogen banner image

Nutritious Nitrogen

Plants and animals need nitrogen. Learn how to add the right amount of nitrogen to support production without polluting the environment.

Explore Nutritious Nitrogen.

Transpiration Banner


Explore how water moves through plants via transpiration. This water loss allows for photosynthesis and overall well-being.

Examine Transpiration.