Agriculture plays a vital role in our lives. Our educational products inform various aspects of farming, soil & agricultural science, food safety, and food technology.

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Produce TRAINer

A food safety training toolkit for produce farm workers, with lessons and scenarios to practice risk assessment on the farm. Learn about how decision making and Standard Operating Procedures help keep you and the produce you work with safe.

Play Produce TRAINer.

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ARID: Agroecosystem Resilience In Times of Drought

Developing short and long-term proactive strategies supports ecological, social, and economic resilience in the face of drought.

Visit ARID: Agroecosystem Resilience In Times of Drought.

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Irrigation Training Modules

Explore four treatment methods for cleaning irrigation water and practice testing chlorinated systems so you can implement the appropriate treatment to your situation while validating, verifying, and monitoring your process. 

Learn about Water Treatment Systems.

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Selected Plants of Navajo Rangelands

This database helps professionals and ranchers in the Navajo Nation identify plants to maximize ecology, productivity, and sustainability.

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Farm Sanitizing

Minimize contamination from pathogenic microorganisms on tools and equipment to reduce cross-contamination and foodborne illnesses.

Learn about Farm Sanitizing.

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Movement & Storage of Water in Soils

Soils hold water differently, which affects how plants take water from the soil and how water moves through the soil. Explore water flow and matric potential in clay, sand, and silt.

Explore Water in Soils.

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Understanding Western Soils

This series guides users on how to properly sample soil for analysis. The series includes visualizations of Western soil properties and information on water infiltration for a complete learning experience.

View at Understanding Western Soils.

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Reducing Antibiotic Resistance From Farm to Fork

To maintain antibiotics' effectiveness against bacterial infections for future generations, learn about technologies that help us understand practices that can help minimize antibiotic resistance.

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Produce Safety Matters

Growers, packing centers, and retailers rely on one another to prevent contamination and keep consumers safe. Four animations illustrate how contamination can spread from field to table and suggest ways to avoid this.

View the animations for Produce Safety Matters ™.

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Nitrogen & Agriculture

This tool explores nitrogen for plant, animal, and soil health. Build amino acids and fertilizer molecules and calculate molecular weight in relation to nitrogen content.

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Nutritious Nitrogen

Users will learn how best to calculate feeding and fertilizing regimes for plants and animals in order to optimize growth and avoid polluting waterways.

Explore Nutritious Nitrogen.

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Sorption Animations

What happens when atoms, ions, or molecules attach to the surface of a substance without entering it? These videos discuss adsorption at the chemical level and clarify the difference between adsorption and absorption.

Watch Sorption in Everyday Life and Sorption: A Close-up View.

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Non-Thermal Food Processing Methods

Researchers have been studying non-thermal processing methods (methods that do not use heat) that will destroy pathogens and keep foods safe to eat, while retaining sensory attributes and nutrient content similar to raw or fresh products.

View the animations for Non-Thermal Processing.

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Killing Pathogens on Leafy Greens

See new processing techniques for fresh produce that penetrate structures to access microbes. The Fresh Produce Safety Initiative aims to spread awareness about processing techniques for fresh fruits and vegetables. 

View animations at Killing Pathogens on Leafy Greens.

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Zinkicide: Safe New Treatment for HLB

Huanglongbing (HLB) has compromised citrus production. Zinkicide is an economically feasible and sustainable bactericide treatment to improve production, fruit quality, and grower profitability.

See how Zinkicide works.

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Desert Blooms

New Mexico's gardens and landscapes thrive in snowy mountain peaks and hot desert plains. Learn how to create a garden or landscape environment suited to your needs.

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Test Strip Lab

Learn how to accurately test chlorine levels in irrigation water and how to avoid common pitfalls of chlorine testing systems. Available on the web and on the app store.

Learn with Test Strip Lab.

Southwest Plant Selector

Southwest Plant Selector

Find the perfect plant for New Mexico landscapes. Searchable plant database includes expert-recommended xeric landscape plants and instructions about site, irrigation needs, and more.

Explore Southwest Plant Selector.

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Chemistry in Agriculture

Plants and animals are composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen, which is why chemistry is a valuable tool for agricultural, environmental, and food scientists.

View Everything Is Chemical and Cation Exchange.