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  • Learning Games Lab: Educational animations for K-12, college students, and agricultural producers nationwide.
  • College of ACES: Educational videos and animations focused on agricultural topics relevant to New Mexico.
  • NMStateU: NMSU's channel, including faculty presentations and other professional activities.

Learning Games Lab Online Summer Sessions 2021

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Animations, games, interactive modules and apps produced by our team.

NMSU Innovative Media Research and Extension is part of the Cooperative Extension Service and Agricultural Experiment Station. Our team partners with research groups, faculty, and programs nationally and internationally to create educational media in various disciplines. We have partnered with more than 40 universities, agencies, and nonprofit groups on projects funded by NSF, USDA, DOE, the State of New Mexico, and private funders, and bring 20 years' experience producing innovative media on many platforms. The Learning Games Lab within this department is a development studio, a user-testing research space, and an exploratory environment for playing and evaluating games and educational tools. The Innovative Media Research and Extension main office is on the NMSU main campus in Gerald Thomas Hall, room 286. The Learning Games Lab is in Gerald Thomas Hall, room 173.

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Featured Products

Math Snacks

Math Snacks
Mid-school youth explore key math concepts through games and animations.
Play Math Snacks

Virtual Insect Collection opening screen with magnifying glass and insects

Virtual Insect Collection Lab
Practice pinning, pointing, and spreading insects to preserve them for scientific study.
Play Virtual Insect Collection Lab

Navajo Nation flag with green plant field

Selected Plants of Navajo Rangelands
Navajo language tool for rangeland ecology, productivity & sustainability.
Explore Navajo Range

Outbreak Squad characters

Outbreak Squad
Keep the community from getting sicker! Use your team of heroes to research, educate, heal, and protect people.
Play Outbreak Squad

Zinkicide, illustration of orange tree with oranges and Huanglongbing (HLB).

Treatment for HLB-affected citrus trees to improve production, fruit quality, and grower profitability.
Watch Zinkicide Video Playlist

Cartoon image of farm rows of cabbage and corn.

New technologies allow farmers to sustainably grow food crops while conserving dwindling water supplies.
Explore Water Sampling & Water Testing

Innoventurer characters

Even young children have skills and abilities that provide value to others and may eventually lead them to create their own jobs.
View Innoventure

Virtual Labs

Virtual Labs
Interactive food science modules train high school and college students in basic laboratory techniques.
Explore Virtual Labs

Irrigation Training Module - hand stirring water in beaker

Irrigation Training Modules
Learn methods for choosing and implementing treatments appropriate to your situation
Explore Water Treatment Systems for Pre-Harvest Use

Reducing Antibiotic Resistance from Farm to Fork

Reducing Antibiotic Resistance From Farm to Fork
Management practices that can help to minimize potential risks of antibiotic resistance.
View Reducing Antibiotic Resistance From Farm to Fork

Science of Agriculture

Science of Agriculture
Fill gaps in undergraduates' knowledge of key concepts in the Animal Science, Soils & Environmental Sciences curriculum.
Explore Science of Agriculture

Don't Wash Your Chicken

Don't Wash Your Chicken!
If germs were visible to the naked eye, you would see that washing poultry just splashes bacteria all over.
See Don't Wash Your Chicken!

Cartoon image of strawberry  in a field with a face with bird droppings on it

Fresh & Sometimes Dirty
Fresh produce can sometimes be dirty. Wash all produce, wherever you get it from.
See Fresh & Dirty

Kid Eats Cooking

Kid Eats
Supporting families cooking and eating together: recipes, videos, and interactive fun on the iPad.
Explore Kid Eats

Night of the Living Debt Financial

Night of the Living Debt
Zombies and debts have a lot in common. Manage your finances or be eaten alive by bad credit.
Get Living Debt app

Cartoon images of a salad, a hamburger, a bowl of fried rice, and an ice cream cone with sprinkles.

Preschool App Suite
This series of apps for young children supports healthy movement and eating.
Get Preschool App Suite

Cartoon images of a salad, a hamburger, a bowl of fried rice, and an ice cream cone with sprinkles.

Potluck Panic
Assemble food safely, from factory to potluck, to keep your guests safe from foodborne illness.
Play Potluck Panic

PowerPay app

PowerPay App
This app will help you develop a personalized, self-directed debt elimination plan.
Get PowerPay app

Eat Move O Matic

Eat & Move-O-Matic
Look up foods you eat and match them with movement and active play. Available online or as a mobile app.
Get Eat & Move-O-Matic

Pearl Diver

Pearl Diver
Dive for sunken treasure on the number line, using integers, fractions and negative numbers. Play online or download Pearl Diver


Western Soils
Sampling techniques and water holding properties of soils
See Understanding Western Soils

Produce safety matters

Produce Safety Matters
Growers, packers, and retailers can prevent contamination from farmer's field to consumer's fork.
See Produce Safety Matters

Don't Be Gross

Don't Be Gross
Spread the knowledge, not the germs with these viral animations!
See Don't Be Gross


Non-Thermal Processing
Advances in processing methods to improve the safety of ready-to-eat foods.
See Non-Thermal Food Processing

4-H Livestock Record App

4-H Livestock Record App
Organize market livestock project information & export customized reports.
Get 4-H Livestock Record app

Desert Blooms

Desert Blooms: SW Gardening Tools
Use these resources to create a garden or landscape environment perfectly suited to your desert lifestyle.
See Desert Blooms

 e-judging app

e-Judging & e-Judging Pro Apps
Calculate contestant scores for practice sessions or during a livestock or consumer judging contest.
Get e-Judging App

Character next to a horser

Stay Safe Working with Horses
The interactive module shows how to safely catch, halter and release a horse in a pen or stall and in the paddock.
Get Stay Safe Working with Horses

Southwest Plant Selector

Southwest Plant Selector App
Expert-recommended xeric landscape plants and how to care for them.
Get Southwest Plant Selector

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