Stay Safe Working with Horses

Image of a person petting a horses muzzle, with the text "Stay Safe Working With Horses"

This interactive educational module was designed to be played on platforms that supported Adobe Flash. As of January, 2021, Adobe Flash is defunct. Scroll down to see scenes from the educational module.

Image of a person getting ready to open the gate to a pasture to release a horse. Image has numbers on various parts of the scene to indicate more info.
Image of a persons hand holding a leadrope in a butterfly pattern with no loops outside the hand
Image of a person leading a horse
Image of horse being released into pasture
Image of two horses with talk bubbles that say "Back Off!" and "Okay!"
Image of a person walking up to a horse in the stall
Image of a handler standing at the gate of a pasture with a horse.

© 2013, NMSU Board of Regents. Stay Safe Working with Horses is a collaborative project of eXtension HorseQuest and Michigan State University's My Horse University, funded by the North Central Risk Management Education Center. NMSU is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer and educator. NMSU and the U.S Department of Agriculture cooperating.